Welcome to my ramblings

These pages are a testament to my love for the countryside, particularly the hills, mountains, glens and lochs in Scotland. I’ll share details of my Scottish hillwalking exploits and other wanderings into the countryside.

Our Scottish mountains, at around 3-4,000 feet (900-1200m) may be small by comparison with larger lumps of rocks elsewhere, but height isn’t everything. The high latitude (greater than 56 degrees north) and situation on the edge of the North Atlantic leads to some extreme weather and creates conditions for Arctic and Alpine plants to survive on the summit ridges. On this small island of ours, climbing these mountains usually involves starting walking from sea level, therefore creating up to 4000 feet (1200m) of ascent.

I’ve also been known to be a bit obsessive about trying to identify as much of the wildlife I see as possible, everything from mosses and lichens to birds and insects.  I currently post photos of my travels on Flickr and shall incorporate pictures into my ramblings here.

6 comments on “Welcome to my ramblings

  1. Hello!!! Long time no see.

    Saw the name on my blog and popped in for a look. It’s a while since I saw your name pop up on scottishhills.com…mind you I’m not there so much myself these days. Looking forward to see what you’re going to post.

    All the best with the blog.


    • Hi Ken. I know I’ve not posted at ScottishHills for ages. I became a bit involved in other website discussion forums and, well, time didn’t stretch to go round everything.

      I’m hoping to make a few notes of some of my hill trips here. I’ve started with Wales from a visit there 2 weeks ago, but probably won’t post about those southern hills again for a long time.

  2. Hiya swanscot

    Great pics – I’ll have to keep a close eye on this blog 🙂

    Thanks for blogrolling me – I’ve done the same for you on mine.

    Good luck


  3. I hope you have fun with your new blog. It is sure to prove popular with the great photographs that you have already posted.


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