Up close and personal with moss

Yet another change of plan means I have to travel to Yorkshire to attend training for a few days this coming week. Some of the training will be outside in the woods at Keldy, so it’s not all bad. Hubby is travelling south with me too – he’ll do his own thing while I’m at the training – then we’ll spend a little time walking around Haworth area.

I was sorting and filing a few photos and thought I’d share this wee mosaic of some of the fascinating mosses I’ve captured. I love the minutiae of our natural world as much as the grander, larger scenery.

A mossy world

If interested, if you click on the picture it will take you to the photos on Flickr, where most of the individual mosses are named.

Coincidentally Emily Dickson wrote about moss and Haworth in this poem

All overgrown by cunning moss ~ Emily Dickinson

All overgrown by cunning moss,
All interspersed with weed,
The little cage of “Currer Bell”
In quiet “Haworth” laid.

Gathered from many wanderings —
Gethsemane can tell
Thro’ what transporting anguish
She reached the Asphodel!

Soft falls the sounds of Eden
Upon her puzzled ear —
Oh what an afternoon for Heaven,
When “Bronte” entered there!

3 comments on “Up close and personal with moss

  1. That’s a great mosaic Sheila. I always mean to get around to checking out all these plants I come across…then I forget.

    Noticed you use flickr to host your photos. Started a stream on flickr ages ago then joined a few groups and had a competition with myself as to how many “awards” I could amass on the worst photo ever. Amazing what you can do. Found the whole thing a bit bizarre and gave up fairly quickly. Found the turnover in photos so fast that it was difficult to have any meaningful comments. Tempted to try again though. Can you recommend any civilised groups?

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