Out and About – in the water

I’ve been enjoying the water and the glorious weather at Glenmore.

I held a Scrapheap Challenge Mini Raft Building Exercise and Race at work on Saturday. Six teams entered and had a great time making rafts from scrap and natural materials. Most teams opted for plastic bottles and metres and metres of duct tape, though some used sticks – more as a token gesture to traditonal rafts.

It was fascinating to watch the teams at work. some of the parents lounged on the grass enjoying the sunshine letting the children make decisions and work on the rafts, while others got very competitive! But it was all done in a fun way and it was not ‘billed’ as a children’s event, but meant as a family-fun-meet-the-(mad)-Ranger event.

They also had to make a Captain for their raft and some added other crew members. Team Pavlov’s Cats spent some time making pipe cleaner figures and wrapping them in wool!
Mini raft building exercise

I love how the captain of Team Super Dry is wearing a bow!
Mini raft building exercise

Team Mighty Midgets went all out to use masses of bottles and bottle caps and miles of duct tape!
Mini raft building exercise

Team Kieser’s Crew won the best decorated raft prize (as judged by an independent judge – not me) for this paddle raft. The pipe cleaner figure on the left is Keiser – the family dog! I noticed Dad seemed to be ‘chief engineer’ in this team!
Mini raft building exercise

Team Take Down won the race – after adjusting the wood bow-thingie! This all girl team went for mega-glitter with tonnes of sequin mesh!
Mini raft building exercise

Team Titanic has Captain Dad climbing the rigging. I love the wee pipcleaner anchor and coiled rope!
Mini raft building exercise

I spent about 30 minutes in the river supervising the heats and final of the ~100m raft race – walking alongside the ‘raft-guides’, who were allowed to free stuck rafts with a stick – so I did not manage to get any photos of the actual race. But I’ve been promised some pictures from one of the team members who stood on the footbridge which was the finish line.

I’m now collecting scrap materials all over again for next week’s event – and hoping for another sunny day!

I had more fun in the water on Sunday morning when I had a swim in Loch Morlich after my morning yoga session on the beach. Wonderfully refreshing!

Loch Morlich

2 comments on “Out and About – in the water

  1. Impressed at your limitless enthusiasm Sheila. J is a teacher so during the summer months the mere mention of children is tantamount to heresy!

    Hope we get to see some photos.

  2. I tried teaching and found it was not for me. Now instead of being in a classroom I get to have fun with children (and adults) while guddling around in ponds looking for damselfly larvae; while showing people Daubentons bats ‘fishing’ in the burn for the first time; while helping children model red squirrels from clay; while crawling into our survival shelters to hide from the rain; while looking for puddocks in the ditch; and while chasing green tiger beetles on the Ryvoan track with a 5 year old who had just walked up and down Meall a’ Bhuachaille. No contest as to which I prefer!

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