Au revoir, mes amis!

Our luggage

In a few short hours I’m getting up and lugging my big (heavy) rucksack on to the train to London. We have a 5am check-in at Gatwick on Tuesday to fly with Sleazyjet to Gibraltar. We’ve booked two nights in Gibraltar (we’re actually about 500m over the border in Spain, but that was the best/closest hotel in the area!), then we sail by ferry (not sailing boat!) to Tangier in Morocco.

We’ve not planned where we will stay for the two days and nights touring Morocco via the Marrakesh Express train (remember that song, by Crosby, Stills and Nash?) but maybe Rabat and Fez. We’ve booked one night in the hotel in Marrakesh where we will meet the others in our trekking group and our guide. The following morning we all set off to meet our Berbers and mules for the 6 days walking. We’re going to climb Mt Toubkal the highest mountain in the Atlas mountains.

After the trek we have one further night with the group in Marrakesh, then DH and I take the train and ferry back to Gibraltar to fly home.

I’m really excited, but also a little nervous. I hope we don’t get hustled too much by folks offering to be our guides in the cities. It is a problem in the major tourist places even though the Tourist Police have clamped down on the illegal ‘faux guides’. Also, I know haggling is the ‘done thing’ when shopping, but I’m hopeless at it!

Also I hope we are fit enough for the trekking and neither of us suffer with altitude sickness (Toubkal is 4167m), nor a tummy bug!!

I plan to write up notes (with lots of photos) of my trip on my return.

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