High Atlas Trek – part 2 Azaden Valley to Tazaghart

The following day we walked up through a few small villages on the northern slopes of Toubkal gaining 1,200m during the day.

Toubkal trek

Toubkal trek

Toubkal trek


Mohamed makes a friend. But after he had picked up this wee kid, the silly wee thing ran after us and despite being chased back it kept following. Mohamed had to pick up the kid again and carry it back to the herdsman.

Toubkal trek - Mohamed makes a friend

The last climb up to the refuge

Toubkal trek

We arrived at the mountain refuge Tazaghart – at 3000m about lunch time.

Toubkal trek - Refuge Tazarhart

Since we did not drop down to tonight’s accommodation, we were scheduled to do an extra wee climb after lunch. Unfortunately we had to turn back after only a hundred metres of so of height gain due to low cloud and rain.

Toubkal trek

Mohamed had described this refuge to us as ‘dodgy’. When we arrived I think everyone called it worse than dodgy. It consisted of one large room with tables down the centre and a cooker and sink in one corner where our cook prepared lunch and the evening meal. Above the table was a sleeping platform or 8-berth bunkbed. Above this was a loft space with room for another 10 or so to sleep on mattresses on the floor. Access to the loft was very tricky; up the bunkbed ladder, then another bunkbed ladder another 10 ft! The toilet was outside, down a series of tricky rocky ‘steps’ to go to a long-drop type squat toilet..

Evening meal in the refuge

Toubkal trek - cold evening in the refuge

Part 3

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