High Atlas Trek – part 5 Toubkal to Aremd

The last full day’s walking was all downhill as we descended the valley from Toubkal refuge to Aremd.

Toubkal trek

This approach to Toubkal was much busier than the route we had taken. Hikers bagging Jebel Toubkal in 2 days come up directly from the valley, overnight at the refuge, then ascend the mountain and descend back down the valley the second day. Also many day trippers hike to Toubkal base camp (the refuge) for views of the mountain. It was strange to be part of such a mass of hikers after a few days in the relative quiet of the high tops.

Toubkal trek

At Sidi Chamharouch there are several small shops and cafes, plus a white roofed mosque. This is a popular place of pilgrimage by Muslims both within Morocco and from further afield, as the source of water, which emerges from the rocks here, is reputed to have healing powers. The waters are supposed to be particularly good for curing leg ailments.

We had a bit of a long lie this morning so were descending in the heat of the mid-day sun. I felt sorry for those people (and mules) going up!

Thirsty work

Toubkal trek

The final approach to the village involved crossing a dry flood plain.

Crossing the dry river bed


Toubkal trek

The gite in Aremd

Gite in Aremd

After lunch our guide, Mohamed took us for a walk around Aremd, his home village, we had mint tea in the house of one of his neighbours.

Mint tea

More mint tea

Walnuts drying on a house roof

Walnuts drying on the house roof

Smoky dinner in the gite

Smokey dinner in the gite

Part 6 (final part)

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