My favourite walking partner

my sweetheart, Neil on Toubkal

Another view from Toubkal

A few days ago I said (on the outdoors bloggers forum):

I’ve been absent from here, and my blog, for most of the summer. That was partly because I was working and living in the beautiful Cairngorms (oh, the hardship!) for 4 days a week with no ‘net access.

However, in the past week I’ve added a few posts to my blog – mainly about my recent trekking holiday in Morocco – and one of two from the past couple of weekends at Glenmore. Since I’ve now finished my seasonal job I’m going to have time to catch up with the blogs of those who I follow. I plan to write a few wee bits and pieces about days out in the Cairngorms from the summer.”

Well, the best laid plans o’ mice and men – and bloggers…

About one hour after writing the above I was sitting in the back of an ambulance accompanying my husband Neil to hospital. He had an accident and has broken his shin bones (both tibia and fibula) and smashed his kneecap. His poor old knee is now held together by 4 screws and he’s sporting a full-leg stookie.

Unfortunately his surgery wound is not healing as well as it should and he is still in hospital one week later. I’ve been running around on hospital visits and trying to make the house a wee bit more ‘hirpling-along-wi-a’-stookie’ proof for when he gets home. I know when he is home I’ll be running around even more.

Neil in the High Atlas, Morocco

I’ve suggested he could be a ‘guest blogger’ for me and write up accounts of some of our hillwalking trips while he is recovering at home. At the moment he’s not too keen on that idea, but has said he’ll select some of his photos for me, if I wish to write the blurbs.

I will get a few more blog entries written … sometime…

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3 comments on “My favourite walking partner

  1. I’m so sorry he had a setback, I hope he overcomes that and will be on the road to recovery very soon. I’ll be thinking of you, too!

    (by the way, in that first photo, the shadow behind him looks like a giant hat!)

  2. Really sorry to hear about Neil’s injuries Sheila. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

    I’m looking forward to reading all your new posts…as well as the ones to be written by your new ghost author. I had been waiting until I had enough time to read them all together in a “oner”…you’ve certainly been very busy this autumn.

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