Sandwood in the news

Just one week after we visited Sandwood Bay I read the John Muir Trust have raised funds to repair the path to the bay. We saw the JMT Ranger driving to the area as we headed south, so I hope they counted the few quid we put in the donations box at the car park.

BBC Scotland report:

Thousands raised for remote Sutherland footpath

A plea for funds to cover the cost of repairing a footpath in a remote corner of Sutherland has raised £40,000.

Landscape charity the John Muir Trust said the amount donated by its members and supporters to its Sandwood Estate appeal was “incredible”.

A beach on the trust-owned land is reached by a four-mile (6km) track making it one of the most remote beaches on mainland Britain.

Heavy rain and increasing numbers of walkers have worn down the path.

The money will pay for it to be stabilised and improvements to drainage along the route.

A bit of drainage work in several places should help keep the path from becoming a lochan and prevent erosion of the surrounding peatland.


One comment on “Sandwood in the news

  1. I’m deeply jealous of your trip. I have been to Sandwood Bay once – like you I felt compelled to get into the sea – it was April and fortunately very sunny, but invigorating doesn’t really do justice to the water temperature. There also seemed to be quite an undertow which meant that I settled for a wade rather then a swim (wimp!). I was only there for a few hours but the memory is very vivid.
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