Away for a couple of weeks

We’re heading south to deepest England-shire tomorrow and may manage to fit in some walking and camping during our two weeks away.

Hubby, Neil is attending a tram anniversary event in Blackpool this weekend and I’m meeting with fellow members of Bookcrossing next weekend. in Swindon. Then the following weekend we’re meeting a ‘net friend somewhere (still to be confirmed) near London… or Brighton… or Oxford… or?

None of these places are renown for hiking are they!? But we’ve packed our camping and walking gear and will try to get some days out in the English countryside – even if if is only second best to Scotland! 😉

After a week of heavy rain, we leave behind a gradually changing countryside with the golden tones of autumn.

Harvested and baled

I hope I don’t miss all the lovely local autumn colours and fruits in my absence.

Beech mast

Brambles - yum!

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