A brief look back before moving on

Goodness, where has the time gone! I’ve neglected my poor blog again and it’s been simply ages since I posted anything.

Nae worries, but time to spring into action and get some thing down here.

The glorious snowy winter was enjoyed again. The harsh hoar frost and snow brightens up even the local forest and gives a different perspective on the usual stomping ground.

I share with you a selection of the shots from my local area, that is walks from the doorstep.

This was the view over the garden fence in November before the heavy snow arrived, This was merely a promise of white wonderland to come…
Over the garden fence

The approach to the Forestry Commission owned Boblainy Forest was similarly merely sprinkled with a light dusting:
Just a wee puckle of snow hereA week later things were looking much better!

Local conditionsThis was the single track road that runs past our house.

In early December the way out for those of the swan-scot clan commuting to work looked like this
The way out for those of the swan-scot clan communting to workFor my work I simply had to walk to the bottom of my garden with an axe and split more logs for the wood burning stove. Warm work!

Small things can become quite beautiful in the snow…
Snowy bunnetsBlack and white and blue all over

I joined a local community woodland group for a post-Christmas walk in the woods and we enjoyed the atmospheric conditions of early fog rising off the forest.

Pines in the fogRe-grouped and walking on togetherEdge of the felled area
As if we all hadn’t eaten and drunk enough over Christmas, the group dropped by for mince pies and mulled wine.

One of my favourite activities during snow fall is to go tracking. I love that we can see the evidence of who’s been out and about even if we don’t see the creatures.

TrackingBadger and Roe Deer in left panel. Red Squirrel, Roe Deer and dog in right panel. I really wanted the dog prints to be fox, but, despite there being no human (ie dog walker’s) prints nearby, they look more dog-like than fox.

and badger prints too:
Badger prints

Not to forget the pheasant ballet…
Pheasant danceUp north, winter likes to show its bite again in March just so we don’t become too accustomed to milder days. This March was no exception.

Colour on whiteThis looks like very  little snow in the picture, but five hours later the weight of the snow had brought down a heavy bough off one of the Scots Pines in the garden.Unfortunately this fell across the minor road and we had to start attacking it with a chainsaw at 11.30pm.  My son was able to complete the tidy up the following morning,
Clearing the snow-damaged tree
Now to get out and about and capture some images of spring…

2 comments on “A brief look back before moving on

  1. Away for a couple of weeks?
    Whatever happened in Deepest Englandshire – kidnapped and force-fed tea and hot-buttered crumpets no doubt.
    Welcome back – really like the tracks in the snow photos – reminds me of a book I really like ‘The Nature Detective’ by Hugh Falkus.

  2. Aye, it’s a wild place, that England-shire!

    But more accurately, I allowed myself to be hijacked my other ‘net stuff!

    I’ll get back to reading others’ blogs now too!

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