TGO Challengers

Approaching Glenelg
Near Glenelg, on the way to Sandaig (‘Camusfearna’ of Ring of Bright Water)

I know some of my fellow hiking bloggers are heading north-west to the best part of the country šŸ™‚ to take part in the TGO Challenge. I wish those taking part “Good luck and happy walking”. As you travel north to set out from Arisaig, Acharacle, Mallaig, Glenelg (don’t those names just lift the heart with promises of wonderful seascapes with hills beyond?) think of us lucky souls who live and work in the Highlands! šŸ˜› I hope you all have an enjoyable trip and I hope the weather co-operates to help you have a great adventure – but not too adventurous.Ā  When that wee bit rain arrives, remember it is good for your skin, but remember to keep your whisky glass covered!

If anyone is passing (or staying at) Glenmore camp site on Saturday or Sunday feel free to say hello to me there. Ask for Sheila the Ranger if we’ve not met – which, come to think of it, is practically everyone on my blog list! I’m about during the day and Saturday night each weekend.

The invitation to pop in to see me, is extended to any bloggers visiting the Cairngorms during the summer. I’ll give you a Highland welcome and a cuppa or a wee dram!

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