Valley High, Valley Low

(or glens in this case).

I want to share some wonderful aerial footage of Scotland with some great music from a relatively new Celtic rock band, Coast. Although based on the south coast of England, Coast was initially inspired by bands such as Runrig, Big Country and Dire Straits. Although I called them a Celtic rock band, they really are a fusion of all the above styles.

This tune is one of the quieter numbers but it fits the video perfectly.

I love all the songs on their debut album and am currently awaiting delivery of the second album. I’m a little miffed I missed their gig in Inverness last Saturday; one of the downsides of my ranger job is working every weekend in the summer.

Some of you may recognise many of the hills, glens, lochs and castles in the video.

For my favourite tune (and a lively number to dance to) from the band listen to Oceanos. Turn up your speakers and gie it laldy!

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