Because one can never have too many paracord bracelets

Because one can never have too many paracord bracelets!

When rummaging in the back of my cupboard yesterday I came across a few bundles of coloured paracord that I’d bought a couple of years back when I made my basic ‘bushcrafty green’ paracord survival bracelet. Survival straps or bracelets are woven/knotted items made from paracord and which are part of your everyday kit – worn or carried. They can be unravelled to provide a short length of paracord to use in an emergency.

That was my first atteParacord (survival) bracelet Mk2mpt at a paracord knotting project and I was amazed at how easy it was to make the simple bracelet from a 7 foot length of cord. I’ve been wearing this paracord bracelet each weekend at work for the past two summer seasons and on most walking trips and now it’s looking a bit past it’s best. So time for a new one – or two.

I thought I’d be more adventurous this time and go for a two-colour look. This site shows how to join two colours of paracord together. I added a few stitches to the join as my lighter did not get hot enough to melt the cord as well as I hoped.

I followed the instructions on Stormdrane’s website to tie the cord to the side release buckles and as a reminder how to do cobra knot/ cobra braid.

I started by making a red and black one to match my work uniform (why they issued us rangers with a red shirt is beyond me!), and with a 10mm side release buckle this time.


Having complete the red and black one, I was on a roll and went on to make two more!

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