White water rafting on the Findhorn

White water river rafting

Last week three of us staff members went for a white water rafting trip with the very nice people at G2 Outdoor, in Aviemore.

We joined our guide Sarah, Mike (in his kayak) and family of four for a raft trip along the River Findhorn. We put in at what could be a lovely spot for a picnic and river swimming at the old church at Ardclach Bell Tower.

White water rafting

We went about 6km downstream to the take out point at the bridge about 2km south of Randolph’s Leap at Darnaway Forest.

White water rafting

The river is graded as grade 2/3 rapids and today was a mixture of fairly long calm stretches between the rapids. The rapids were not too bumpy, although in one spot three folks got tossed from the raft in a sudden tossing movement on one rapid.

White water rafting

The trip we did was suitable for families with youngish children (the girls in the family with us looked to be about 6 and 8), and as an introduction to white water rafting to anyone who has not done it before. I’ve previously rafted in Iceland and Alaska (I seem to go for the coldest water!) and this was a bit tamer than what I’ve experienced before.

G2 Outdoor also run grade 3/4 rafting trips on the River Spey.

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2 comments on “White water rafting on the Findhorn

  1. That first picture captures the spirit of the thing. Not my cup of tea I’m afraid, did a bit of canoeing but in pretty short time nearly drowned myself down in North Wales and as I was doing a lot of rock-climbing at the time I thought that would be a much preferable way to check-out should the necessity present… in other words I was a bit of a scaredy-cat on waater….

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