Zipping along

Alvie Estate, Strathspey

I know my blog has been dominated by outdoorsy-activity-not-of-the-walking-kind this summer, but indulge me once more as I share the fun of the new zip line park developed by G2 Outdoor, Aviemore. The 6 zip lines are located in the beautiful Alvie Estate, which we walked in a few weeks ago (and which I may write a post about) just south of Aviemore. The zip lines (about 60 feet above the ground at the highest point) criss-cross a gorge over a river and are nestled among Scots pines, birch and larch trees. At some spots I brushed the tops of some of the trees and I felt like I was flying through the woods 🙂

We started at the top of the gorge and followed the lines across and back across the gorge with occasional short stretches of walking between some lines. Once at the bottom of the gorge our instructor, Mike ran back up the track to bring the minibus down for us.

Mike told us they plan to construct another two lines to add to the current 1km set up, the last one of which will be one very long span out of the trees with wonderful views out across the river Spey with views of the farms and smaller woods in this part of Strathspey.

G2 Outdoor plan to keep the zip line sessions running year round and I’d imagine this would be a wonderful atmosphere with the autumnal mists that often occur in this part of the country. It will be a fun activity to do in the snow on the days when Cairngorm mountain is closed due to high winds or the road is blocked with drifted snow.

10 comments on “Zipping along

  1. Blimey, what next bungee jumping? Cave diving?
    One part of our holiday which didn’t make it on to the blog was a trip to a place called Bol d’Air in Bresse, where the kids did a ropes course – like Go Ape do here – but catering for kids as young as three. They loved it. But also on offer was the ‘fantasticable’ – a zip wire 1350m long which promised speeds in excess of 100km/h. I would have had a try – but our visit was all about the nippers (a birthday treat). Well – that’s my excuse anyway!

  2. Hi Sheila – we too did a “monkey business” style adventure while we were in Provence. Very hard work in 37 degree heat but the kids had a great time with courses for all ages. Of course I just went along to keep everyone company and didn’t enjoy it all – my cross to bear. I’ll put some photos of the fun on my blog when I get around to it

    I think I’ve just found an activity next time I travel all the way to the Cairngorms to ski and find there is no snow

  3. Wow!! This looks like so much fun! We have ziplines in Indiana too. There’s one at Indiana Beach with beautiful views of the lake and another in southern Indiana as well. I would imagine that the views in southern Indiana would be similar, but we don’t have anything but hills. We have lots of hiking areas though and I know you would love them. The one at Salamonie Reservoir has different trees identified. It’s often used by school children looking to add to their leaf collections for science classes. I think I’ll be investigating the local ziplines to see if we might be able to enjoy them sometime soon.

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