Hard at work, at 57°N

Monday morning… back to the office… traffic, crowds, concrete… dreaming of the weekend and escape to the countryside…?

This is the view from my office (at the swan-scot clan homeland)

View from the swan-scot clan homelands

The view over my shoulder from my desk

Enjoy your week at work!


13 comments on “Hard at work, at 57°N

  1. Hi Sheila, I’m happy to swap my view for yours anyday, mine is a grey brick wall :O( Would love to join you on your hikes in your beautiful part of the world.
    Happy hiking,

    • Don’t be too envious, Elizabeth as unfortunately I don’t have much paid work from this ‘office’. In fact, since my summer seasonal post ended, the majority of the work I’m doing here is looking for paid employment..

      • I must admit that I think myself lucky that I have a job as the economic climate isn’t good for the job I’m in. I don’t mind my view when the weather is as it is today – horrible with a capital ‘H’ but it’s hard to be in when the weather is nice. Just want the views and the peace of the hills of this great country. Life is too short for too much work. Best of luck with your job hunting. If you ever want to explore the South of England, feel free to come down.

    • Ach, Freddie, you can’t complain as I know that you spent many hours driving around this sort of countryside in your job. Anyway, the next time you’re up this way drop in and we can go walking in that forest in the photos! Or up a local hill 😉

      • Jings Sheila, you always spot my tongue-in-cheek! I see Scotrail are doing the cheap fare offer for us auld fellas so will be heading north sometime over the winter so might well take you up on the hill-walk offer….

  2. I love the top picture, with all the colors! Absolutely beautiful! I can’t complain about my view from my kitchen window (I’m retired) – it overlooks a cemetery with a pond and a former pecan orchard.
    Pond awaiting storm

  3. If this is meant to make us feel jealous….well it’s working just fine!
    Actually, my view from work isn’t too bad – of a small garden/orchard and across Lancaster’s skyline to the Ashton Memorial. I don’t seem to properly look at that view too often however.
    “What is this life if full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare,…”
    (Think I’ve remembered that right?)

  4. Lucky you .!
    I usually have a herd of cows opposite and out back.I spend all summer giving them names and then just when I`ve finished and memorised them all the farmer takes them inside for the winter 🙂

  5. When I worked ….(pauses to gloat)…I used to look out the window from Falkirk to the Ochils and on a good day could see Ben More. Wasn’t a bad seat. Do I miss it after 3 months retirement…do I wheech!

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