It’s gie dreich oot there today

But I don’t care. I’m dancing around the house with a great big grin on my face as I’ve just got tickets to see my favourite band. Earlier this week Runrig announced the date for their only outdoor gig in 2012 (and, to date, their only UK gig) and as soon as the booking office opened this morning I was online to buy two tickets. Inverness is THE place to be on Saturday 25th August 2012.

Are there any other Celtic Rock fans amongst the outdoors blogsphere? Anyone planning a visit to the Highlands to do a spot of walking and see the band? A couple of my friends are thinking of travelling north from England and one from the US; I’ve advised them they’d better by quick as I imagine the 7500 tickets will sell very quickly. The last two outdoor gigs in 2007 and 2009 at Drumnadrochit and Scone Palace sold about 18,000 tickets each time.

Here’s a wee slideshow set to the Runrig track, This Day. All the photos are from local walks, that is walking from the house, during the spring, summer and autumn.

To whet you appetite for the gig, here’s a clip from the rather wet gig in Drumnadrochit (or Drumnadrookit as it was renamed that day). As I said to a friend, the weather can only be better next August!

4 comments on “It’s gie dreich oot there today

  1. Well done on getting your tickets Sheila! 😀

    Yesterday we bought ours for a totally different gig – Elton John at, of all places…FALKIRK 😯

    The end of the world must be near! 😦

  2. My tastes in music tend to be a bit obscure but I have spotted some members of Runrig in Glasgow.Actually My freind had to point them out as I wouldn,t know them in a lift.She,s more of a fan. I like “nightfall on Marsco” though.Hope you enjoy the concert Sheila.

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