Winter’s finally here

A wee snow flurry overnight

After complaining about the one week of gey dreich weather I’m delighted to see the white stuff finally arrive. There is not much yet, but even the wee puckle we have makes everything brighter than a couple of days ago.

The only downside is I’m a bit busy at home to go out walking – although I may try to sneak off one day and leave the guys DIYing.

6 comments on “Winter’s finally here

  1. Barely a centimeter if that down here in Larbert. Not like “White Monday” last year when we had almost 15cm. Good to see the sun and the white though! 😀

  2. And about time too – merest of sprinklings down here on the top of the Black Mountains. Supposed to be some more on the way at the end of the week so hopefully I can go for a play at the weekend

    • You need to get up them thar hills, Debbie 😉 I was just reading another outdoors blog where we were discussing camping in sand and snow and one Australian guy commented on camping in the snow on Mt Ramshead, at about 2100m.

  3. Wa-hey!
    We can see it from our windows – all the hills arround about have a sprinkling, but none in the garden. Predictably, the kids are very excited. Oh – and me!

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