Sometimes even the drive to the start of the walk is wonderful

8 am on a lovely mild March morning

We had an overnight camp about halfway along the length of this loch last Thursday. Friday morning saw us continuing to the road end and the starting place for our walk to bag a couple of hills. The morning light was so beautiful that we simply HAD to stop numerous times to capture the magic of the place.

Anyone guess where…?

Trip report to follow shortly.

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5 comments on “Sometimes even the drive to the start of the walk is wonderful

  1. Swan-Scot,
    Reading your last teaser and seeing the road pointed in the direction of the loch between green mountains had me thinking how well situated you are to blog your adventures.  It’s always a pleasure to read how you get there and back. Thanks again.

    • Hi Brian, I know and appreciate how fortunate we are to live here in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Of course there are negatives, such as fewer job opportunities, but hubby and I are now at the stage were are able to ‘get by’ on less work and more play. As I was saying to friends yesterday, our travelling around our beautiful corner of the world is now curtailed somewhat by fuel costs, but we try to combine walking trips with other business.

  2. Yes, Geoff and Andy. I thought anyone who is keen on backpacking or who has compleated the Munros would recognise this as Loch Arkaig.

    The road is long – very long and a right roller-coaster – which makes going more than 20mph at places impossible. We had been in Fort William on Thursday as Neil had some work there, so drove along the first part of the loch in the early evening. Once we realised we were not going to manage what I had originally planned (walking into Glen Dessary for 4 or 5 miles for a wild camp, to allow an early start on the hills), we enjoyed the sunset views over the loch.

    The early morning light was brilliant and we were torn between trying to rush to the end of the road to start our walk and enjoying the scenery. We chose to take our time and we made the right choice as the sun only put in a brief morning visit.

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