Packing light – and not so light

I’m packing my bags and heading west (south-west to be exact). Two bags: one with city and evening clothes and my rucksack with walking clobber.

Packing up and heading west

Yes, you’ve guessed it, we’re heading to Ireland. I’ll spend this weekend in the company of about 150 bookcrossers who are gathering in Dublin from around the world. Neil will do his own tour of the city while I’m at the Bookcrossing do, then we head further west to spend almost two weeks touring Ireland.

We’ve not got a definite plan yet, but will check the weather and try to avoid the worst of the April showers. We hope to do a couple of short 2-3 day backpacking trips on some of the Long Distance Paths, leaving the car and returning to it by bus. We wish to do some walking in MacGillicuddy’s Reeks.

Apart from two nights in (what is to us) a smart hotel in Dublin. we’ll be mainly camping and have packed the large camp-site tent as well as our backpacking tent. We may stay in a few hostels too – if needed, to dry out!

We leave tomorrow to get the Troon – Larne ferry in the early hours of Wednesday.

(Usual disclaimer to potential burglars: We are not leaving the house empty. It is guarded by three burly, fit young men – who work different shifts so there is always someone here – who may be using (ie armed with) a range of tools, including, but not limited to, chain saw and axe.You have been warned ;-))

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5 comments on “Packing light – and not so light

  1. MacGillicuddy’s Reeks are fantastic! Sadly when I back-packed there the weather was (mostly) dreadful. And whilst you’re in that neck of the woods there are an awful lot more hills worth a look. My (limited) experience is that Ireland is a fabulous place to hitchhike. The principal difficulty is dissuading people who pick you up from driving miles out of their way, and/or taking you home for a meal, to the pub for a pint etc.
    Have a great trip.

  2. AH, so you´re off to the 11th Anniversary Bookcrossing Convention in Dublin – how wonderful! I´ve been a BX member for the past eight years, but sadly, have never managed to get to one of the big meet-ups. I still release books “into the wild” wherever we are in the world.

    We had a few days in Dublin between Christmas and New Year. It´s a great city – very walkable. Tell Neil he MUST go to the Guinness factory to learn to “pull the perfect pint”, whilst you are busy Bookcrossing. It´s a fascinating place to spend a couple of hours.

    Have a great time this weekend and say “Hello” to Gizmopuddy for me 😉

  3. Sounds idyllic. You have no idea how jealous I am on every level! So good when you can go by ferry too. Even though my recent trip to England was different I had to packed two set of clothes too, and it drove me crazy trying to get it all into one item of baggage! My carry out ended up weighing almost as much! Have a wonderful time, take lots of photos and notes!!!!! Since I can’t be in Dublin I look forward to being there vicariously at least!

  4. Good luck in Dublin Sheila, been there a few times but its one expensive town! The Mountains of Mourne are worth a visit too, there is a great walk, “along the wall” And Warrenpoint is worth a visit. regards…

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