The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

Gang aft agley,

Home again from Ireland – one week early. The weekend at the Bookcrossing Convention in Dublin was great fun. Lots of chatting, good food, pints of Guinness and I even participated in a wee bit of Irish dancing. In fact, it was great craic.

After Dublin we managed a short walk in the Wicklow hills, but then I went down with flu. Not a bad cold, not ‘man flu’, but proper influenza which is not nice. I spent a few days trying to recover (I had plenty of reading material), but after five days of feeling like death warmed up, I’d had enough and I wanted to come home.

Now I’m home I’m slowly recovering and still reading some of the many books I picked up at the convention.

I’ll share some photos from our one walk at Glendalough shortly.

ps the fact that I was only struck down ill after stopping drinking pints of Guinness may or may not be relevant.

Enjoying the craic in Dublin

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5 comments on “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

  1. Oh Shiela, what a shame that the edge was taken off your Dublin trip due to flu, the same thing happened to me once on a climbing holiday to Arran, just arrived and immediatley went down with flu, man-flu, of course, which as the world knows passeth all understanding! Sincerely though, I hope you have made a full recovery and are fighting fight once more. I’m just back from an attempt on Offa’s Dyke Path, totally washed-out by the half-way mark so jacked it in, Drought, don’t mention the word. My last three long walks: Cotswold Way in December last, East Highland Way in March and the Offa’s Dyke have all been fit for ducks! But I’ve managed to avoid the flu. So keep warm bonnie lass, tuck in wi a wee gless o’ toddy.

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