GPS files / mapping software frustration

Does anyone know how to import GPX files on to Memory-Map? Or more accurately, why my usual method has stopped working. I’m doing exactly as I did before. I upload the data of my track from my GPS to Garmin BaseCamp and save it as a GPX file on my computer.

In Memory-Map, I click on Overlay, them Import, change ‘files of type’ to GPS Exchange Files (gpx), browse to find the saved GPX file and click Open. But nothing happens. I’ve checked >Overlay >Show All >All. Still nothing

This worked last week when I created the map for our Orrin walk (and for several previous walks), but is not working today. I can see the track in Basecamp, but wish to overlay it on the 1:25,000 OS map of our local wood to share with others who are familiar with the OS map.

Any suggestions?

Memory map  gpx files

9 comments on “GPS files / mapping software frustration

  1. The method is correct – eMail the GPX file to me and I’ll see if it imports successfully here on my system. There might be a corruption in it somewhere.

    • Wow, that was a fast response, Geoff!. I’ll do that. I’ve now got another GPS file from yesterday’s walk up Dun Caan on Raasay on which I have the same problem.

  2. Received ok.
    Interesting, exactly the same thing happens on my system with MM V5.1.3 – nothing is imported. However it works fine on another computer with MM V5.4.2.

    I don’t know anything about this BaseCamp thing – has it changed recently?.
    I can’t see anything obviously wrong with the GPX file on a quick scan through, I’ll dig a bit further.

  3. That is almost certainly the problem, the new version of BaseCamp must be using newer GPX tags that MM 5.1.3 doesn’t recognize. Send me the file for the Orrin walk that still works, I’d be interested to see the differences.
    GPX format seems to be a law unto itself with different flavours!.
    You can see the exact version of MM by doing Help — About….

    • Och, yes, I so rarely need to check the version of any software that I forgot about Help > About. I’m using MM 5.1.3 same as you.

      I’ll send you the Orrin GPX file and you can compare the difference. I’m glad someone is much more ‘into’ this stuff than I; knowledgeable (and helpful) enough to know how to compare different versions.

  4. OK, Geoff has very kindly helped me with this problem and I’m now back in business! In case anyone is wondering, the latest version of Garmin Basecamp 3.3.3 is not compatible with MemoryMap v 5.1.3, so if prompted to download the newer BaseCamp, don’t!

    Geoff suggested using the GPS Data conversion program, GPSBabel and this works. I simply put the non-working GPX files through this and it produces GPX files that work in MM 5.1.3

    Thanks again, Geoff,

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