Love is in the air (part two)

A few months ago I wrote about my love for the outdoors, and now I wish to share another very important love in my life – my sweetie, my life-long walking partner, Neil.

Today we celebrate 30 years of married life together. We’ve covered a lot of miles together in the past 30 years – mostly amicably 😉 – and are still plodding along together.

We met on the hills and within a few months of that meeting were engaged, and married six months later. We hope to enjoy more hillwalking and wild camping trips for many more years to come.

Mwoaaaah (BIG kiss) to Neil and cheers to us!

Happy anniversay to us!

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14 comments on “Love is in the air (part two)

    • Hi Ron, I see from your blog that you are a near neighbour – we live in Kiltarlity. If you found this post on my blog, I presume you’ve seen my others posts about our garden visitors: red squirrels and pine marten. ‘Our’ pine marten is now becoming a regular visitor (here most nights, I think) and has been on the squirrel nut box about 7.30 – 8 pm a few evenings the past couple of weeks. From your experience studying these mammals, do you see get many sightings during daylight hours?

  1. Congratulations Sheila and Neil, I’ll have a wee dram to celebrate your wonderful anniversary you are living proof that mountains make good things happen..Yours Aye….

  2. Congratulations Sheila and Neil, may the road be long and happy, will have a wee dram just to celebrate for you both! Yours Aye…

  3. Hi Sheila and Neil, just noticed that my first congratulatory comment (which took a wee while to get posted thus I duplicated it) has come from “Anonymous” Well its from little ol’ me… Good to see you down in Lakeland recently, everytime I think of a visit it rains…

    • Aye, Freddie, I guessed the Anon one was from you. You are the only one of my friends who signs emails, etc “Your Aye…” (and whenever I read it I can hear it in your voice!)

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