Breaking the silence

It’s been a while since I last shared anything here with my readers. Why? I lost my writing ‘mojo’ and frankly haven’t done a great deal of walking to post about. However I’m back now and I’m going to try to commit to share a few wee scribblings with those who wish to read them. 🙂

I’ve not been totally inactive since last being here. As well as some hillwalking, over the course of last summer I took up running. I worked my way through a Couch to 5K plan. I know I wasn’t coming from the ‘couch’, but I found it more difficult than I expected to manage to run comfortably. After completing the 9-week programme, I participated in the Loch Ness Festival of Running. It was a bit of a family affair, as one son ran in the Marathon, other son’s girlfriend ran in the 10K and I did the 5K. All good fun.

Following that start at running, I built my distance up to 10km, competing in the first Culloden 10K, organised by Chest Heart Stroke Scotland. Again I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of the race.

Getting ready to do battle - with the 10K Culloden run!

However, my real passion is for off-road running and my usual weekly running involves a mixture of minor roads and estate tracks. I’d love to do more in the local woods too, but it a fair bit of an incline to get anywhere and I’m not that fit yet!

I enjoyed one longer jaunt last autumn when I ran 10 miles of the Speyside Way from Ballidaloch to Aberlour. Just after that I succumbed to a common running injury and had to curtail my running for 6 weeks. My Sports Physiotherapist says I may run again now, but am NOT to do any hour long runs just yet.

I plan to write a wee blog post about the Speyside Way run and another run/walk I did last week on Skye. These will not have the usual number of photos as my hillwalking blogs, as I’ve not yet got a compact camera small and light enough to fit in my small running belt bag. (This is going to be rectified shortly!)

9 comments on “Breaking the silence

  1. Welcome back!
    A change of direction – well, of pace at least. I used to do a lot of running, though you wouldn’t believe to see me now. Would love to get back to it.
    Off-road running is definitely the best, but coping with slopes is tricky. Have you considered alternate fast walking and jogging uphill and then running back down?

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