My running track…

was a wee bit slippery this morning

My running track...

It was gorgeous outside on Monday with fresh snow, sunshine and a crisp -5°C. I was champing at the bit to go for a run, but I took one look at our minor road and saw it resembled a skid pan. The snow plough hadn’t been along by mid-morning and the few cars that had driven on it had compacted the sticky snow just enough to make it difficult to walk, never mind run.

Time to dig out the snow chains for my feet, aka the Yaktrax. This did the trick and by going cannily I was able to manage a nice, slow 5 km run along the local roads.

I was beaming from lug to lug with pure joy from being able to run in this.

4 comments on “My running track…

    • Ach, didnae be daft, I don’t deserve a medal. However, I did treat myself to a wee shopping trip and bought a lovely pair of Inov8 trail running shoes! 🙂 Can’t wait to try them out in the local woods!

      I hope you get good snow conditions in Bulgaria.

  1. I was running in the snow on Monday too, really exhilarating, but lower down where I didn’t need Yaktrax. Love your Blog. We seem to have been following one another around!

    • Thanks runningfox. I’ve bookmarked your blog and am slowly reading back through some of your blog.entries.As you say we seem to have been walking and now running in similar places.

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