The very end of the ‘Road to the Isles’

Mallaig Bheag

Mallaig Bheag

Yesterday I had an hour to spare on a trip to Mallaig in the north west Highlands, so I took a short run to the end of the road and beyond. The road rises steeply from the harbour and past a small housing complex on the hillside which has wonderful views back across the town and out beyond to Eigg, Rum, Muck and Canna. Leaving the town I resorted to walking up a couple of the wee steep hills in the road as I’d not properly warmed up and soon came to the end of the road at Mallaig Bheag. From here I was onto a track which lead across the moorland above the sea. This had numerous frozen puddles that I had to dance around or jump across so I couldn’t get into a good rhythm. But none of this mattered, as I had wonderful views north to the ‘rough bounds’ of Knoydart and north west to the Isle of Skye.

Not a bad spot for a wee run

When I reached the end of the track I continued on a narrow sheep path that lead to three ruined cottages on the hillside above the bay. From here I watched small fishing boats heading for the harbour at Mallaig, way down below me.

I returned by the same route, and was soon back in the busy, wee fishing town.


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