Eastern Glen Orrin camping

A mention of Glen Orrin brings to mind images of wild, remote land hemmed in by the boggy moorland hills of Strathconon to the north and the Munros of Strahfarrar to the south – with their limited access. However the eastern reaches of the glen are a gentler landscape, tamed by man, with farming, forestry, hydro-electricity and a little habitation.
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Back-door-step backpacking (almost)

Loch Neaty - Loch Bruicheach walk

This is the first in what may be a series of backpacking trips starting from home. Living as we do on the edge of the forest and moorland above the Beauly Frth I’d thought I’d like to attempt a few mini backpacking trips walking from, and returning to, our home with no transport except Shank’s pony. Although I’ll admit that I’ve already cheated on this first outing as we got a lift 5 miles to the starting point by a son who was passing that way.
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Three days in the Cairngorms

Tomintoul to Glenmore: Linn of Avon to Fords of Avon

The weather forecast was not looking good for my planned mid-week trip in the Cairngorms. Rain, wind, and the summits hidden in cloud all 3 days. But I was psyched up to get out there into the hills, so a change of plan was called for. I browsed the maps and decided that I’d tackle a walk in the glens instead of the tops. Neil dropped me off at Tomintoul and I was to spend 3 or 4 days walking back to Glenmore – to be back for the weekend for work.
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A three-day low(ish) Cairngorms backpack

Camping at Fords of Avon

Last week I did a short backpacking trip in the Cairngorms. The original plan had been for Neil and I to head to the high hills, but after checking the weather forecast (rain, rain and more rain) Neil suddenly decided he had work to do! 🙄 However I was psyched up for a trip between my weekends at work and decided to do a lower level solo trip.

Neil dropped me off at Tomintoul and I walked back to Glenmore via Glen Avon and the Lairig Laoigh, beside Bynack More. Day one was nice easy walking – but tough as I was carrying too much weight (eg a 2-person tent). Day two rained non-stop the whole day. I’d really like to go back to walk Glen Avon again when I can see the scenery. The third day was showery, but pleasant.

I’ll write a full trip report shortly.

Glorious wild Sandwood Bay

When we woke at Sandwood Bay we were delighted to feel the sun warming us in our tent in the sand dunes and see blue skies stretching over the ocean and the inland hills.

Sandwood: Breakfast cuppa

I ran out on to the sand and immediately wanted to do cartwheels on the sand, but I’ve never been able to do cartwheels even when a wee girl(!), so started my morning with some yoga on the beach. This was much needed to stretch stiff muscles from carrying my full rucksack the previous day and sleeping on the Thermarests.
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Backpacking to Sandwood Bay

Sandwood Bay is said to be the best beach in the UK …or is it Europe? Either way, despite this accolade it will always remain fairly quiet because it is in a very remote location. To get there involves a long drive to the end of the road in north-west Scotland (along miles of single-track road with passing places) and a five mile trek across rough, boggy, windswept moorland.

Sandwood Bay

The track starts off deceptively easy – even with all the rain we’d had on Monday


but we were soon crossing the edge of lochs,
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