Berghaus Women’s Midweight Fleece Jacket

These are my first impressions of a fleece I received for review from Go Outdoors. A full review will follow when I’ve had a chance to use it over the coming months.

To me a fleece is a basic standard piece of clothing for any walking activity (or other outdoor activity such as bird watching, etc). When walking I layer up in: base layer — fleece top or jacket — windshirt or waterproof. I’ll use a micro-fleece in the warmer months and a midweight fleece when there is a nip in the air.

I’m not a big shopper and my current thicker fleece is now about 8 years old and looking a bit worn. Actually, now that I look at it, I see it’s worn so thin, it’s barely warmer than an auld semmmit!

So when I was offered this Berghaus Women’s Activity Jacket IA (Midweight fleece) to try I said yes! Just in time for our winter.
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A new tent – Vango EOS 350

I was contacted by Adam at Go Outdoors and asked if I wished to receive a tent to review. Great timing, as we had been thinking that maybe we should get a new ‘base’ tent, ie a big, roomy beast to use when car camping. Browsing the selection of tents on the Go Outdoors website, I opted for a Vango EOS 350 tent. We had a 3-person Vango tent for family trips years ago. This was much used and much loved and finally passed on to my brother to try with his sons, although by then the fabric was looking very faded and worn after many weeks camping in full sunshine. (Not holidays in Scotland!)

So less than 2 days after ordering this from Go Outdoors, a Vango EOS 350 arrived by post.
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Salomon Vega GTX shoes

I recently received a pair of Salomon Vega GTX trail shoes from the nice mannie, Adam, at GO Outdoors.

As some of you may have noticed from my photos I’ve always worn traditional heavy, leather boots year round. But this summer I thought wait… maybe it’s time try something different. Having read about the advantages of lightweight hiking/trail shoes from many of you fellow bloggers, I thought it was about time to move out of my traditional way of thinking and try a hiking shoe.

So I browsed the walking shoes at GO Outdoors and selected a pair of Salomon Vega GTX Women’s Walking Shoes.

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