Zipping along

Alvie Estate, Strathspey

I know my blog has been dominated by outdoorsy-activity-not-of-the-walking-kind this summer, but indulge me once more as I share the fun of the new zip line park developed by G2 Outdoor, Aviemore. The 6 zip lines are located in the beautiful Alvie Estate, which we walked in a few weeks ago (and which I may write a post about) just south of Aviemore. The zip lines (about 60 feet above the ground at the highest point) criss-cross a gorge over a river and are nestled among Scots pines, birch and larch trees. At some spots I brushed the tops of some of the trees and I felt like I was flying through the woods 🙂

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River Tubing on the River Feshie

The river tubing was a laughYee-hah!

River tubing comes from North America where it usually entails a relaxing float down a gentle river, often in the lovely warm sunshine; altogether a mellow experience. River tubing with Full On Adventure in the Cairngorms National Park is a different experience. For us, it was an adrenaline-filled ‘full-on’ white water adventure, shooting over rapids, bumping past (and into) rocks in mid-stream and gliding past towering crags. The instructors can find you a gentle, babbling mountain stream if that is what you wish, but we opted to go the white water route!
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