Back-door-step backpacking (almost)

Loch Neaty - Loch Bruicheach walk

This is the first in what may be a series of backpacking trips starting from home. Living as we do on the edge of the forest and moorland above the Beauly Frth I’d thought I’d like to attempt a few mini backpacking trips walking from, and returning to, our home with no transport except Shank’s pony. Although I’ll admit that I’ve already cheated on this first outing as we got a lift 5 miles to the starting point by a son who was passing that way.
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Canadian Forestry camp revisited

Following the recent talk about the Canadian Forestry Corps in the area I thought it was time for another exploration of the local camp, Lovat No 1, Teanacoil. The walk to the sawmill passes a small pond on the way that looks man-made, but I don’t know if this is associated with the sawmill or not.

Pond close by sawmill

The accommodation block is still standing, but although I went inside for a few photos I didn’t stay long as it looks very unstable. I honestly don’t think I’d go inside if alone now, but with Neil there we hoped we’d be able to rescue each other!!
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Canadian Forestry Corps in the local woods

Last week I went to a very interesting talk about the Canadian Forestry Corps in the Highlands of Scotland. I was interested to learn more about this as the CFC worked locally – both here at Kiltarlity and where I work at Glenmore.

The Canadian Forestry Corps. was composed of professional woodsmen and was first organized during World War One at the request of the UK to help meet Britain’s timber needs during the war. It was re-formed in World War Two to play the same role. Most of its activities were centred in the Highlands of Scotland during the latter conflict. There were 33 camps scattered in north-eastern Scotland.
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A brief look back before moving on

Goodness, where has the time gone! I’ve neglected my poor blog again and it’s been simply ages since I posted anything.

Nae worries, but time to spring into action and get some thing down here.

The glorious snowy winter was enjoyed again. The harsh hoar frost and snow brightens up even the local forest and gives a different perspective on the usual stomping ground.

I share with you a selection of the shots from my local area, that is walks from the doorstep.
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Exploring Boblainy Forest

Boblainy Forest is a large commercial plantation forest owned (mainly) by the Forestry Commission on the outskirts of the village of Kiltarlity. This is my local stomping ground and on Saturday I was involved in leading a walk though the forest.

Boblainy Forest

I love the morning mists we often get at this time of year as we drift from high summer into autumn. Yesterday was one such day and it was wonderful to see an abundance of spiders webs on our walk in Boblainy Forest. As the dew droplets settle on the threads and allow them to be seen we see just how numerous they are.
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