The pine marten returns

Pine marten (Martes martes) feeding on peanuts

After our excitement at spotting a pine marten feeding in our garden two days ago, we were delighted to see it has returned. Again it was seen in full daylight – this time at 10am after people were up and moving about in the house only 5 metres from where it was feeding. After our initial sighting I put out a selection of raspberry jam sandwiches and roast ham. Something (badger, fox or pine marten?) took all of the scraps I threw in my usual spot under the hedge, but the scraps that I put on a board on top of the 1.5m high wood store were not taken.
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A new garden visitor

Yesterday morning I spied this pine marten (Martes martes) in our garden.

S/he enjoyed a snack of peanuts that were lying on the ground, from where I’d swept them from the squirrel nut box when I cleaned it out yesterday.

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