Ice and snow in Strathconon

Beinn Mheadhoin, Strathconon

Mention Beinn Mheadhoin and most hillwalkers think of the Cairngroms and Loch Avon. But this is a smaller ‘middle hill’ (mheadhoin = middle) – a lovely wee Graham in Strathconon.

At 10pm at night I clicked on the weather forecast and saw sun predicted for my local area. Glorious sun all day. I quickly followed this by checking MWIS for Northwest Highlands and saw more sun. Sun, 90% chance of cloud-free Munros and little winds. Too perfect a forecast not to head to the hills. So without giving it too much thought I decided to return to Strathconon (having previously climbed Bac an Eich in November).
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Above Glen Carron on Moruisg


I’ve read several reports that say Moruisg is a boring hill – even the SMC Munros Guide calling it “not a very exciting mountain”. But I beg to differ. I think people who have called it boring have either got wet feet – it is very boggy – and fed up, or are mesmerised by it’s bigger, grander neighbours. Either way, I think it is a lovely hill, and like many smaller hills provides a great vantage point to view the larger neighbouring hills.

We tackled this in a day of clear blue skies and high temperatures and had a fairly easy day.
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A ‘rest day’ on Cairn Lochan

Cairn Lochan, Cairngorms

After returning from my short backpacking trip in the Cairngorms I planned to have a rest day before working at the weekend. But as I sat in my caravan on the camp site where I work (and live on work days and others) eating a leisurely breakfast the sun came out and lit up the Cairngorm. This was too good an opportunity to miss, so I changed my mind and changed my clothes into hiking gear. I may make some of you a wee bit jealous now when I tell you I walked into the Cairngorm mountains directly from my ‘home’. No cars or buses needed – I simply shut my door and set off on foot.
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Alone on Gairich

Gairich stands alone on the south side of Loch Quoich. It is a hill you gaze across when driving to Kinloch Hourn to get to Barrisdale and think “Hmm, must do that one day…” This mid summer day was that ‘someday’. It was a perfect day for an easy mid-week day out on my own.

Looking to Gairich (919m) across Loch Quoich.

The usual route up the hill starts by crossing the dam on the south end of the loch.

This hill presents no difficulty with navigation as it stands quite alone and has a path which leads you to the obvious ridge. I parked near the dam at the eastern end of Loch Quoich at NH068024 and walked across the dam.
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Two hills above Golspie

Loch Fleet from Ben Bhraggie

Beinn Lunndaidh is the big brother to the more well known Ben Bhraggie which overlooks the highland village of Golspie, half way up the A9 north between Inverness and Thurso.

I happened to have a few hours to spare in Golspie with my son and he suggested we visit this hill. I think he wanted to log the trig point for some project or other he’s involved with. I don’t imagine Beinn Lunndaidh is visited very often at all as there is no path to the top and and no easy route up.
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Sharing a local hill with friends – and books

Ascent of Meall a’ Bhuachaille (810m)

Translation from Gaelic = ‘hill of the herdsman’
Distance 8.5 km / 5 ¼ miles
Ascent 510 metres / 1666 feet

Meall a' Bhuachaille

I stayed on at my work place at Glenmore for an extra night this weekend, so I could meet up with ‘net acquaintances who were passing through the area. I had not met the fellow bookcrosser, Sujie before, but from our emails before her visit, I learned that she and her husband would be interested in joining me for a walk up a small hill during their stay. I choose to share the delights of Meall a’Bhuachaille with them, as this wee hill gives a lovely view of the Cairngorms mountains.

After the poor forecast of the previous day we were lucky to have a lovely warm, sunny afternoon.
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