A short stroll in the Cairngorms

South to Loch Etchachan

I know a couple of blogging acquaintances are currently undertaking long backpacking trips into the heart of the Cairngorms, but as I work in the area I’m able to take short frequent strolls there. It doesn’t equate in any way to the wilderness experience the backpackers will get, but still, it’s nae bad for a ‘Sunday afternoon’ type stroll.

I had originally planned to tackle Beinn Mheadoin, but I was delayed in leaving Glenmore as I waited for my son to come to drop off a few large plant pots and to rig up a support and notice board in my ranger tent. When I set off I was not feeling 100%, so decided to have a short day and save the longer route for another day.
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In Brontë Country

Haworth Moor

After completing my four days of work-related training at Keldy Forest I felt as though I’d been through a wringer and hung out to dry, but very hyper, so a wee walk was in order. We flitted across to Haworth Youth Hostel as hubby wished to visit a bus open day thing at Keighley. I wandered into the local Tourist Office in the village and picked up a leaflet about a few local walks.

I opted to walk out on to Haworth Moor to visit Bronte waterfall and Top Withins. The ruins of Top Withins are reputed to have been the inspiration for Wuthering Heights, the home of the Earnshaw Family in the classic novel by Emily Brontë . Not that I’m a Brontë fan; I’ve only read Jane Eyre and didn’t like that.
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