Exploring Boblainy Forest

Boblainy Forest is a large commercial plantation forest owned (mainly) by the Forestry Commission on the outskirts of the village of Kiltarlity. This is my local stomping ground and on Saturday I was involved in leading a walk though the forest.

Boblainy Forest

I love the morning mists we often get at this time of year as we drift from high summer into autumn. Yesterday was one such day and it was wonderful to see an abundance of spiders webs on our walk in Boblainy Forest. As the dew droplets settle on the threads and allow them to be seen we see just how numerous they are.
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Walking (and surviving) at Glenmore

I realise I am very fortunate to work in one of the loveliest spots in Scotland at Glenmore, at the foot of the Cairngorms mountains and in the heart of the Caledonian Pinewoods. This weekend I had a fantastic time working with a great bunch of people. I organised a Woodland Survival ‘themed’ weekend, where the customers participated in about 16 hours of activities relating to navigation, survival and bushcraft. We practised basic navigation using a map and compass; built survival shelters; found and purified water; made cord from roots and nettles; and tried lighting fires with a bow drill.

While out in the woods close to the camp site we were lucky enough to spot this wee fellow in the trees. This is not a rare occurrence as I’m fortunate to see red squirrels each day at Glenmore.


We also watched two roe deer grazing about 100 metres away from us on Saturday evening while out practising our map and compass skills.
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Meeting TGO Challengers

Loch Morlich and the northern corries on Cairngorm
Loch Morlich and the northern corries on Cairngorm

Last Thursday a couple guys doing the TGO Challenge popped in to see me at my ranger base at Glenmore. I didn’t get their names, but we chatted about mutual internet acquaintances who were know are blogging about the challenge – Alan Sloman and Whitespider. The guys I met don’t blog, but they use the TGO discussion forum.
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