A Ring of Bright Water

Glenelg to  Arnisdale

He has married me with a ring, a ring of bright water
Whose ripples travel from the heart of the sea,
He has married me with a ring of light, the glitter
Broadcast on the swift river.

As a child I only remember ‘going to the pictures’ ie to see a film, with my parents twice in total. One of these very rare visits was to see the film Ring of Bright Water, Ring of Bright Water is an adaptation of Scottish author Gavin Maxwell’s autobiographical book of the same name. I was ten years old when I saw the film and I loved the story of man and otter living an idyllic life in a remote cottage on the beautiful west coast of Scotland. I also remember crying buckets when the otter was killed.

Later that year I read the book and got the true version – without the glossy sentimental stuff added for the film. I love the opening paragraph

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