Winter Feast Duathlon: The Appetiser

I'm a medal winner!

Two firsts for me this past weekend! And both good! It was the first time I’ve entered a duathlon, and the first time I’ve won a medal for a place! I was second Female Super Vet (super veteran) in the No Fuss Winter Duathlon in Glen Nevis and came 51 out of a field of 70!

This was a wee taster duathlon (the first in a series of three): 3.5km run, 12.5km cycle, 3.5km run. Both running and cycling sections were half on-road, half off-road and were wet and muddy.
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Run around Loch Affric

I and my son, Craig went out for a wonderful run yesterday in the beautiful Glen Affric. We did a circuit following the track and path around Loch Affric, starting from the end of the public road.

The route is about 18km/11 miles, about half on forestry track, half on very rough, boggy and rocky track/path.

We did the circuit anti-clockwise, ie started by following the track/path on the north side and returned by the easier route on the south side of the loch. The track on the north is pretty wet in places and crosses several small burns (and one larger one) by several fords. Starting our run on this side meant I had wet feet for almost the whole two hours, but left the easier track for later when we were tiring.
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Of bogs, burns and big hairy beasts

Glen Strae is a small, narrow glen at the head of Loch Awe. The glen is practically uninhabited, with only one farm about a mile from the start of the glen, but it wasn’t always this way as there is evidence of old settlements marked on the OS maps. One of these used to be Tigh Mor, the old house of the MacGregors apparently.

Glen Strae run
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The River Ness 10K run

River Ness 10K run

Most of my running is done alone, along the quiet minor roads around the village or along empty forest tracks. Today’s run was different. I ran alongside about 2600 runners in the Baxter’s River Ness 10K run. This run is part of the Festival of Running which also includes the Loch Ness Marathon, The River Ness 5K (which I did as a newbie runner last year) and the Wee Nessie 400m run for under 5s.

Although I don’t like crowds I loved the whole ‘family fun’ atmosphere at the event with thousands of runners from all over the UK and beyond. It was so great to see the wee tots walking around wearing their 5K and 400m medals! 😉
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A run around Loch an Eilean

One route that I’ve had lined up for a potential run for several months now is a route around Loch an Eilean starting and finishing from Inverdruie. In fact I’ve had several versions of the route ranging in length from 10 km to 20km. Yesterday I choose to do a 20 km run (and if I felt up to it at the end, I hoped to add on the extra 1 km to make it a Half Marathon distance – just because! ;-))

Inverdruie to Loch and Eilean

Inverdruie to Loch and Eilean

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Linking the lochs: Loch Ness to Loch Dochfour

Today I went for a wee stretch of my legs in the woods near Loch Dochfour. In fact I ran from the northern tip of Loch Ness, along Loch Dochfour and to the Caledonian Canal which I had approached on an earlier run starting from the sea as described here:

From sea to loch: Running the Caledonian Canal.

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